Printing and Binding Options

To help you make an informed decision among the numerous bindery options, here are descriptions of several ways you can attach loose sheets of paper to form a book. Bindery methods vary according to cost, durability, and appearance. We’ll start with the simplest and easiest methods. Corner-Stitching/Stapling Corner stitched/stapled books are essentially loose sheets of paper stapled together. However corner-stitched books do not lie flat. This technique is very inexpensive. Side-Stitching/Stapling Side stitched books are essentially loose sheets of paper stapled together. A paper cover can be wrapped around the entire stack and glued to form a printable spine. Also,…

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Paper and the Circular Economy

Recent stories about the impact of materials in our waste streams – like plastic in our oceans, or the increasing amounts of electronic waste – have changed how companies think about the materials used in their manufacturing process. There is a movement to get away from the ‘one-and-done’ model of the linear economy, toward a more “circular economy,” where the reuse, refurbishment, recycling, and end-of-life disposal of a product factors into the manufacturing design. In a circular economy, manufacturing is done in a way that builds the overall health of the process – financially, environmentally and socially. Large corporations like…

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